Custom AMD loading with requirejs-dplugins

Requirejs-dplugins provides you various AMD plugins to load CSS files, i18n bundles, and more.

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The easiest way to get requirejs-dplugins is to use Bower to install the latest release.
$ bower install requirejs-dplugins
Alternatively you can manually download a release from requirejs-dplugins Github page.
Load and wait for a css file. CSS loaded with this plugin can be overwritten by user-defined style sheet, using <link> or <style> tag.
Provides an API to handle string translation and create bundles for the most frequent locales.
Provides conditional module loading and an extensible API to manage feature detection.
Loads jQuery modules from AMD source code or from jQuery globals if available.
Require a module and return undefined if the module was not found.
Provides a Promise implementation. The implementation comes from the browser or from lieJS.
Loads an svg graphic and defines it in the DOM, so it can be referenced using a `<use>` tag.