This plugin will load the specified jQuery AMD module(s), unless the application has loaded the whole jQuery library via a <script> tag, in which case it just returns a pointer to the already loaded jQuery.

It's useful to avoid loading jQuery twice.

When using this plugin, in order to be able to load jQuery modules, you must manually include jQuery into your app via bower install jquery or via a script tag (ex: <script src="">).


To get a jQuery object that can modify classes and do animations:

require(["requirejs-dplugins/jquery!attributes/classes,effects"], function ($) {


This plugin needs the following AMD loader configuration to work at build time:

    map: {
        jquery: {
            "jquery/src/selector": "jquery/src/selector-native"     // don't pull in sizzle

If the build of this plugin is enabled, it will add the needed AMD jQuery modules to the layer. If you don't want to include jQuery modules you can add this plugin to the runtimePlugins array in grunt-amd-build configuration like this:

    runtimePlugins: ["requirejs-dplugins/jquery"]