deliteful/Select is a form-aware and store-aware widget leveraging the native HTML5 select element.

Example of deliteful/Select (single choice mode):

Example of Select (single choice mode)

Example of deliteful/Select (multiple choice mode):

Example of Select (multiple choice mode)

Table of Contents

Element Instantiation
Using Select
Element Styling
Enterprise Use

Element Instantiation

For details on the instantiation lifecycle, see delite/Widget.

Declarative Instantiation

require(["delite/register", "deliteful/Store", "deliteful/Select", "requirejs-domready/domReady!"],
  function (register) {
  <d-store id="myStore">
    {"text": "Option 1", "value": "1"},
  <d-select selectionMode="multiple" store="myStore"></d-select>

Programmatic Instantiation

require(["delite/register", "dstore/Memory", "dstore/Trackable",
         "deliteful/Select", "requirejs-domready/domReady!"],
  function (register, Memory, Trackable) {
    var select = new Select({selectionMode: "multiple"});
    // Create the store
    var store = new (Memory.createSubclass(Trackable))({}); = store;
    // add options to the Select widget
    store.add({text: "Option 1", value: "1"});

Using Select

Selection Mode

The widget provides several selection modes through the selectionMode property inherited from delite/Selection. For details, see Using delite/Selection.

Note that deliteful/Select only supports for this property the values single and multiple.

Attribute Mapping

deliteful/Select uses the following attributes of data store items: * The text attribute for the label of the option elements. * The value attribute for their value attribute. * The disabled attribute for the disabled state of the option (an option is enabled if the attribute is absent, or its value is falsy, or it is the string "false").

Because the widget inherits from delite/StoreMap, the mapping between the attributes of the data store items and the attributes used by deliteful/Select can be redefined using the labelAttr, valueAttr, and disabledAttr properties, or using labelFunc, valueFunc, and disabledFunc properties. See the delite/StoreMap documentation for more information about the available mapping options.

Element Styling

Supported themes

This widget provides default styling for the following delite theme:

CSS Classes

CSS classes are bound to the structure of the widget declared in its template deliteful/Select/Select.html. The following table lists the CSS classes that can be used to style the Select widget.

class name/selector applies to
d-select Select widget node
d-select-inner The inner native HTML <select>

In addition, the following class is used in combination with the classes above:

class name/selector applies to
d-select-focus Select widget in focus state

Note that level of support for styling the inner native HTML <select> (and particularly its <option> children) is browser-dependent.

Enterprise Use


type status comment
Keyboard ok All supported desktop browsers provide keyboard accessibility for the native HTML5 select element.
Visual Formatting ok Tested for high constrast and browser zoom (200%), in IE and Firefox.
Screen Reader ok Relies on screen reader's ability to work with the native HTML5 select element. Tested on JAWS 15 and iOS 8 VoiceOver. With Chrome 35, it does not announce the selected option (although it correctly announces the option initially selected). No issue with VoiceOver.


deliteful/Select does not provide any internationalizable bundle. The only strings displayed by the widget are coming from the user data through the store from which the options are retrieved.

Right to left orientation is supported by setting the dir attribute to rtl on the widget.


This class has no specific security concern.

Browser Support

This class supports all supported browsers.