Getting started with deliteful

Deliteful is powering you with a set of multi channel, enterprise class Web Components to be used in Web & Mobile applications

Start building your own Web or Hybrid Mobile app using deliteful application generator

Start with installing Node.js, then you are ready to install Yeoman scaffolder and our deliteful generator.
$ npm install -g yo
$ npm install -g generator-deliteful-app
Just ask Yeoman to scaffold a new application in your package directory by answering a simple set of questions.
$ mkdir -p app
$ cd app
$ yo deliteful-app
Once your application has been generated you can run it
$ open http://localhost/app/index.html
The default scaffolded application is just a skeleton you are willing to hack on.
$ vi index.html
Alternatively you could have directly installed deliteful and build your application from scratch instead of using Yeoman.
$ npm install -g bower
$ bower install deliteful
$ mkdir -p app && cd $_
$ vi index.html
Don't hesitate to checkout the documentation to go further. While creating your application using deliteful elements you might want to build your own custom element using delite.
$ npm install generator-delite-element
$ yo delite-element