Consolidation Milestone

A photo of Christophe Jolif by Christophe Jolif on 04 Feb 2015

I'm pleased to announce a new milestone for delite, deliteful and requirejs-dplugins as well as a few other projects. Here are a few highlights about this release:

  • We are now consistently using ES6 Promises across the various projects. We achieved that through the Promise plugin of the requirejs-dplugins project which delegates either to the native ES6 implementation or to the Lie JavaScript implementation depending on native browser support presence.
  • We extended the use of jQuery for DOM manipulation from delite to deliteful.
  • We also added a first delite tutorial on how to build you own custom element widget with delite.
  • We improved documentation and added a documentation page on styling deliteful elements
  • We have various bidirectional text improvements both at delite & deliteful level.
  • Combobox is finally converging with keyboard support as well as multi channel policy support based on the new channelBreakpoints module that allows you to define the default breakpoints used in the application.
  • There were various cleanups on form widget base classes as well as on the CSS of the deliteful widgets (more to come)
  • We now have in the handlebars plugin a requireAndCompile() method for code that needs to load the templates manually rather than using handlebars! as a plugin

As you might have noticed we did not add new custom elements in this milestone and we concentrated on consolidating what existed before. Hopefully next milestone should bring us new widgets like TabBar or DropDown button/menu.

Thanks to anyone that contributed to this milestone, in particular, Adrian, Bill, Clement, Damien, Ed, Lee, Semion and Youcef!

Note that we have a number of incompatibilities:

  • at delite level, the move to ES6 Promise has forced changes on the delite-display-load event API for DisplayContainer
  • still for delite, the Widget.startup() method has been deprecated. For programmatically created widgets we encourage you to use placeAt() instead.
  • HasDropDown no longer sets CSS classes for the arrow direction
  • at deliteful level, the SwapView viewstack property has been renamed to viewStack (camel case).

If you need more details please checkout the delite & deliteful release notes on github.

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