deliteful/SwapView is a container that extends deliteful/ViewStack and adds a swipe interaction to show the next/previous child.

SwapView Transitions

Table of Contents

Element Instantiation
Element Configuration
Element Styling
User Interactions
Enterprise Use

Element Instantiation

A SwapView is created like a ViewStack.

See delite/Widget for full details on how instantiation lifecycle is working.

Declarative Instantiation

require(["delite/register", "deliteful/SwapView", "requirejs-domready/domReady!"], function (register) {
  <d-swap-view style="width:100%; height:200px">
    <div style="background-color: darkblue">Child 1 (Default visible child)</div>
    <div style="background-color: white">Child 2</div>
    <div style="background-color: crimson">Child 3</div>

Programmatic Instantiation

require(["deliteful/SwapView", "requirejs-domready/domReady!"], function (SwapView) {
  var sv = new SwapView({style: "width:100%; height: 200px"});
  var child1 = document.createElement("div");
  var child2 = document.createElement("div");
  var child3 = document.createElement("div");

Element Configuration

See deliteful/ViewStack documentation for configuration of the ViewStack base class.


The swapThreshold property defines the amount of swiping necessary to change the visible child. It is a value between 0 and 1 and corresponds to a fraction of the SwapView width. By default, swapThreshold is 0.25, which means that you must swipe by more than 1/4 of the size of the SwapView to change the visible child.

Element Styling

deliteful/SwapView has no visual appearance, it does not provide any CSS class for styling.

See deliteful/ViewStack documentation for styling of the ViewStack base class.

User Interactions

Enterprise Use


ViewStack provides keyboard accessibility support: pressing the Page Up key shows the next child, pressing Page Down shows the previous child.


deliteful/SwapView does not provide any internationalizable bundle.

Right to left orientation is supported by setting the dir attribute to rtl on the deliteful/SwapView element. It affects the swipe interaction.


This widget has no specific security concern. Refer to delite/Widget for general security advice on this base class that deliteful/SwapView is using.

Browser Support

This widget supports all supported browsers. On Internet Explorer 9, transitions are not animated.