A photo of Christophe Jolif by Christophe Jolif on 05 Dec 2014

Right in time for the week-end, we have new releases to announce, we actually tagged a 0.5.0 a few days ago but as we found a blocker issue when running cross-domain right after release, we came up shortly after with 0.5.1.

As usual just use bower to install the latest release:

bower install deliteful

Among the new features or enhancements of this release you will find:

  • SwapView, a container custom element extending ViewStack to provide interaction in order to navigate between the various stacked views
  • ViewIndicator a simple element enumerating the views of a ViewStack and displaying which one is currently visible.
  • additional improvements to Combobox element even though we did not managed to complete all what we had in mind (more to come in 0.6.0).
  • use of jQuery Core for DOM manipulation in delite.
  • upgrade store management to dstore 1.0
  • as part of the requirejs-dplugins 0.4.0 release, we added a nice jquery AMD plugin. If jQuery is not already present in your application, requiring a jQuery AMD module will actually load the AMD module. Conversely if jQuery has already loaded in your application as a single JavaScript file, requiring a jQuery AMD module will do nothing and just use the already loaded jQuery. This is used by the delite work above.
  • finally as part of the ecma402 0.2.6 release we leveraged navigator.languages when available to pick the best locale.

If you have code that was running on 0.4.0 please be aware there are two known API incompatibilities in deliteful:

  • CheckBox module has been renamed to Checkbox
  • ComboBox module has been renamed to Combobox and the corresponding custom element tag from d-combo-box to d-combobox

In the next milestone we hope to extend the use of jQuery for DOM manipulation to deliteful, as well as provide new elements and enhance existing ones. You can keep an eye on the (moving) list of what we plan here and here.

As usual if you find any issue with release just go to the github issue lists.

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