deliteful/Store is a custom element that allows one to easily create a memory-based instance of a dstore/Store object to connect it to delite/Store implementations like deliteful/list/List or deliteful/Select.

This is a logical custom element and does not provide any rendering. The rendering is performed by the UI custom element it is connected to.

This is typically useful for declaring the store in markup, when performing the instantiation programmatically this is easier to just instanciate a regular dstore/Store object.

You should use it as follows:

require(["delite/register", "deliteful/Store", "deliteful/list/List", "requirejs-domready/domReady!"], function (register) {
    <d-store id="myStore">
        <!-- Add the following items to the store -->
        { "label": "France", "sales": 500, "profit": 50, "region": "EU" },
        { "label": "Germany", "sales": 450, "profit": 48, "region": "EU" },
        { "label": "UK", "sales": 700, "profit": 60, "region": "EU" },
        { "label": "USA", "sales": 2000, "profit": 250, "region": "America" },
        { "label": "Canada", "sales": 600, "profit": 30, "region": "America" },
        { "label": "Brazil", "sales": 450, "profit": 30, "region": "America" },
        { "label": "China", "sales": 500, "profit": 40, "region": "Asia" },
        { "label": "Japan", "sales": 900, "profit": 100, "region": "Asia" }
    <d-list height="100%" righttextAttr="sales" categoryAttr="region" store="myStore"></d-list>