Provides "High Contrast" feature detection for accessibility purposes.

This is useful for Internet Explorer and Firefox running on Windows. It doesn't apply to Chrome or Safari (on mobile, mac, or desktop), which don't support high contrast mode.


By doing a require() of delite/hc, delite/hc will set the has("highcontrast") flag so code can check directly whether or not it is in high contrast mode and branch appropriately. If the machine is in high contrast mode, has("highcontrast") is the text color being used by the browser (that overrides the text color defined in CSS rules).

delite/hc will also add the d-hc CSS class to your document's <body> tag if the machine is in high contrast mode.

Normally this module should not be used. As long as widgets and applications avoid using background images for icons, the browser will do everything for high contrast mode automatically. The exception is for SVG, which the browser does not adjust.


Simply require the module, and then reference has("highcontrast"):

require (["delite/hc", ...), function (has, ...) {
    var hcColor = has("highcontrast");
    if (hcColor) { = hcColor;