Base class for widgets that contain content. Useful both for widgets that contain free-form markup (ex: ContentPane), and widgets that contain an ordered list of children (ex: Toolbar).

Note that Container is not meant to be used for widgets that just internally create child widgets (ex: a StarRating widget creates stars), but rather for when the widget has children from the application's perspective (i.e. from the perspective of the widget user rather than the widget author).

Container can be used as a superclass for any widget with this.containerNode defined, but it's especially useful for widgets like a toolbar that contain (only) a set of child widgets. In that case, you can use the addChild() and removeChild() API to adjust the list of widget children. Also, you can override the onAddChild() method to find out whenever a child was added, either by the custom addChild() method, or by appendChild() or insertBefore().


    "delite/register", "delite/Container", "acme/MyButtonWidget", "requirejs-domready/domReady!"
], function(register, Container, MyButtonWidget){
    var MyToolbar = register("my-toolbar", [Container], { });

    var toolbar = new MyToolbar();
    toolbar.addChild(new MyButtonWidget({label: "click me"}));
    toolbar.addChild(new MyButtonWidget({label: "click me too"}));