delite/FormValueWidget is a base class for form widgets that have a value that the end user can set interactively, such as a combobox or slider.


FormValueWidget subclasses should emit input and change events. See for details on what these events mean, and when to emit them.

FormValueWidget defines two methods that the subclass should call to emit these events:

One exception could be widgets that extend or embed native form elements (such as <select>), where the widget leverages the change and input events emitted naturally by the native form element, rather than manually emitting synthetic events. In this case the subclass wouldn't need to call handleOnInput() and handleOnChange().

Conversely, if the FormValueWidget subclass embeds form controls whose input and change events should be ignored by the application, then the subclass should call evt.stopPropagation() for those events on the embedded controls.